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Professor Julian Bond

Professor Julian Bond

Mr. Bond was one of the great leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.  Born in Nashville, he helped to establish the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.  He was the 1st President of the Southern Poverty Law Center, was Chairman of the NAACP for 4 years, served 6 terms in the Georgia Senate, and has been a long-time advocate for marriage equality.  (Fun fact: He was also a guest host on Saturday Night Live in 1977.)  

On a personal note, Matt had the special honor of producing the Julian Bond Gala in New York City to pay tribute to his accomplishments and celebrate his retirement as a history professor at the University of Virginia. He also feels blessed to have seen Mr. Bond one last time before his passing earlier this summer. 

As a civil rights icon and educator, it is only fitting that a history professorship in civil rights has been created in his name.  Please support the Julian Bond Professorship and mention our wedding when you make a donation.




Tyler Clementi was a smart, talented, creative young man.  Unfortunately, he was also a victim of cyber-bullying, and he took his life when he was only 18.  His death became a rallying call against bullying esp. towards LGBT youth.  The Tyler Clementi Foundation was founded to fight teen suicide, bullying and harassment of all kids.  David and Matt became very impressed with the organization when they made a presentation at the Marble Collegiate Church.

Please support this amazing charity organization.